Need help with size of my power box

Looking to build a new pc, need help with power requirements tho


i7 950
2x Radeon HD6850
500GB HD

What would be a pretty safe estimate on the power requirements of the system?

Thanks :)
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  1. 650 will be fine just get a quality brand ,whats your budget?
  2. obsidian86 said:
    650 will be fine just get a quality brand ,whats your budget?

    lol, not from US, so dont know in dollars... but R10000 :kaola:

    ty for the reponse tho, just needed some sort of yard stick :)
  3. ok did a quick calc based on the price of the i7 950, got about $1175 max to spend
  4. Not sure exactly what's available in your area but Antec, Corsair Seasonic etc. are safe bets.

    are the places to start looking for PSU reviews. If you need further advice on a specific PSU that you're not sure about feel free to post back here.
  5. cool. Looked at the jonnyguru. That didnt have any review of the psus I have available. Looked at 2 cooler masters tho one got a good rating other bad. Also looked at a cougar and that got a good rating.

    These are the 650W psus that are rather cheap:

    Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus - 650 Watt Power Supply Unit
    Cooler Master RP/RS-650-PCAR eXtreme power plus - 650watt - Power Supply Unit
    Cooler Master eXtreme - RS-650-PCAR-E3 - 650 Watt - Power Supply Unit

    And the Cougar (650W) is also available.

    Not really a power box nut, just like gaming, so need a box that will keep me switched on :D

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