Samsung 830 or 840 ?

is the 830 256 worth the extra $10 over the 840 250gb? i some people speculate over the longevity of the 840 840 250gb 830. 256
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  1. not worth going from the 830 to the 840 unless you are going to buy the Pro edition of the 840. generally speaking, the extra money you could definitely chuck elsewhere are the Crucial M4 and OCZ agility 3 will match the speeds of the 840. but as far as real life usage goes, the out and out winner is still by far the Vertex 4 (which will out-perform the 830 and the 840 [non-pro]). not to mention, it is more reliable and considerably cheaper. i have 3 of them running in various systems currently and had no issues so far. 128 GB vertex 4 with 80gb used used, housing OS and crucial software boots in 3 seconds from BIOS screen to logged in and ready to use, shutdown is 2 seconds flat.
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    830 is much better than 840 overall.840 is TLC based,has much lower write speeds.
    840Pro would have been much better but it is priced somewhat higher.
  3. 840 has yet to prove its reliability, I would go for the 830
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