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Good evening :)

the Acer Travelmate 291LMi was always a good laptop to have. At one point though a problem occurred. The display started to flicker. I found out that this was a common problem with the laptop. Somewhere on the circuit board the connection to the display has a loose contact. So, when I warmed up the laptop, I could actually use it for quiet another while. When it completly broke down (with bluescreens and all), I bought a desktop PC with a LG L227WT. Now I want to reuse the old Acer display as a second monitor.
I searched the internet a bit and found out, that it will problably be more complicated than I anticipated. I hope someone on this forum can help me get this done.

What I think to understand:
- I need a power source which is identical to the one of the Acer Travelmate 291LMi

I found the specs (tm290 series) for the travelmate and it would seem I need 1.2 Volt (p 23). But maybe that is the graphic board. And maybe that means the same thing. I don't know.
How do I get 230V (germany) down to 1.2V and can´t I instead get the power maybe from a USB cable?

- I need an adapter for the display.

The L227WT is connected to the VGA connector of my PC. Now I have a single HDMI and two Dual-Link DVI connectors left. It might be easier to connect the display to the VGA port (because it´s older?), but the L227WT is said to make problems with the DVI connectors. So I would rather use a DVI adapter. And since the pins are singled out, it should be either to mess with them.
How difficult is this going to be? Are there already adapter to buy? Do I have to build one of my own? Would I then have to figure out which cable to connect to which pin? And how do I do that? ;)

Well, I am now at the stage to look for power sources and adapters (or adapter making). Next week I will visite some electronic stores and see what they have to say to this.
But maybe someone here can already help me.

I looked for the search on this forum but couldn´t find it. Can someone please point me in the direction?
And I hope I chose the right sub-category.

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