Graphics card overheating?

New poster so bear with me.

Asus M4A79XTD Evo (up to date bios)
4GB Ram Corsair Classic 1333
AMD Phenom X4945 C3 (95w)
XFX 8800GT
Windows 7 64bit

Ok, got my system oc'd to 3750ghz and RAM running at correct timings etc. Ran Prime95 and it's stable.
When playing games the game crashes back to desktop (nothing new for Dragon Age), however when I then check on internet explorer I have artifcats on display and the screen jumps around when I hover my mouse over it. Firefox won't load either. I have to put my comp to sleep or restart it, then everything works fine. Is this a graphics issue? Coul dit be overheating?
The fan is at 100% (due to the model not having fan control) I ran GPUz and my idle is as high as 47c. When it crashed I checked the temp and it remained at 53c, but did not move from that temp until I shut down. That temp is obviously not a high one, but as it never moved, thought maybe the readings were wrong.
I have run 3d mark with no issues, thought the load may throw a crash, but nothing.
Any ideas?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Your VGA temps are fine, what are your CPU temps ? also revert back your OC to stock speeds and check if it still crashes.
  2. Hello

    Thanks for the response. My CPU temps are 42c on load. I ran prime again and it crashed after 30 mins. Obviously not as stable an overclock as I thought. I've throttled back slightly to 36750 and ran prime95 for an hour so far. No problems. My CPU is at 1.45v on water so I'll be very disappointed if I can't get the clock beyond 3700. My old X3 used to run beyond that.
    I was hoping it was my card (an excuse to get a new one), but it looks like my overclock. I'll see how it runs at it's new speed when gaming.

  3. Definitely try running at stock if it again failed with your new OC.
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