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hi i have a fujitsu siemens scaleo p 160 gb and am having problems!!
the pc was turning off all the time so i cleaned the fans power supply ect ... it was then working ok ... now it works perfect except when im trying to rip music on to the pc or any thing i put in the disc drive... just turns off at random times .. ive bought brand new re writer still does the same could any one help thanks
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  1. what are the full system specs and what psu do you have?
  2. hi think you can guess a dont really have a clu with pcs lol the psu in is fsp350-60tha-p and the model number off the pc is fujitsu siemens scaleo p a8ne-fm the hard drive is 160gb theres 2 sticks ov mem 500s or there around i think and on front it says amd athlon 64 its running on windows xp thats all i know.... it was going off alltogether when i bought the new hard drive i couldnt install windows i spoke to some body on the phone and they said try taking the fan off and clearing out with canned air i did that then it worked fine.. installed windows not a problem but as soon as i try putting any thing in the disc draw 7 times out ov 10 it will shut down!! it will start back up not a problem and work fine do you think it is power supply ??????
  3. you you have a digital multimeter? i would suggest you measure the voltages on the +5v and +12v rails while the disc drive spins, if they go too low you know there is either someting wrong with the psu or its being overloaded.

    your psu is fortron, theyre a decent brand and 350w should be enough for your pc if it has a low-end graphics card. do you know what graphics card it has?

    also can you check, how many amps does your psu have on the +12v rail (its on the little label).
  4. I had a friend that had the same problem as your computer. She was ripping and burning cds and her computer kept turning off randomly. Turns out her processor was reaching 100 degrees which was the reason for it turning off.
  5. @ shovenose thanks for the replys!! i havent got a clu all i know how to do is if somthing goes wrong i just write the mod num down and replace with the exact same one the rails bit i didnt understand i also dont know what the graffix card is or how i could find out lol am useless i dont mind replacing the power supply but i was told it was hard drive replaced that then got told r-w so replaced that a dont want to replace the power supply and it be somthing else =( @data base how did ya resolve the problem ???
  6. hi i think the amps on the plus 12 rail are 15.0a if that sounds rite
  7. do you think it will be the psu then ?? data base said that it could be the processer getting too hot causing it to shut down ?? if i get a new psu and this is the problem wont the same thing happen?? and if the processer getting too hot is an issue how can i find out ?? thanks for the replys
  8. that can be easily tested. do you have access to a digital multimeter? what you need to do is using a spare drive connector, check if the 12v and 5v are close enough to their ideal values. for example, if when you rip a cd the 12v goes down to like 11v and the pc shuts off, then you know what the proble is
  9. no dont have access to a digital multimeter .... a get what you mean with the values but a dont even know what you me by using a spare drive connecter am useless as a said lol with what ive been explaining could it only be the psu or the processer ???
  10. it could be the psu.

    try this for like 20mins and see if your pc shuts down
    that would rule out an overeating cpu.
  11. i went to the link it didnt seem to do anything is that right ?? i put work load 75% it just turned green do i just leave it like that?? that is exaclly what i want to do simulate the stress the processor is under when writing or ripping a disc to see if it over heats and shuts down is that the right thing to do ??
    and if it does shut down on that test and is overheating, how do i stop that , and will i need new one ???
  12. ive been on to the link put it to 100% ran it for more than 20 mins opened the task manager and it said cpu usage 100 % all the way not a thing happend would running the load check thing deffinatly over heat it if ripping a cd does?? if thats what it is ??
  13. when im ripping a cd or just put one in sometimes!!! as soon as i here the disc fire up and start spinning it just goes off but some times does em quick not a problem
  14. no nothing the hard drive is new!! the only things i have installed is google chrome i tunes dj ejaymixer sony erricson pc studio thats about it really it only happens when the disc draw is in use it used to turn off without the disc draw been in use untill i cleared the dust from the heat sink now just does it only when the disc draws in use 7 times out of 10
  15. if it doesnt go strait off when i put a disc in it will let me copy a few files at a time but if i selected a full 4.7 gb dvd disc to copy at once its almost guarenteed to go off
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    its definitely a hardware issue at this point. either the cd drive is problematic or the power supply is being overloaded. the cpu would have over heated after 20mins of that cpu stress test at 100% had it been a heating issue, but it didnt so that rules out a cpu overheat.
    do you have an extra QUALITY psu in the 400w range that you can use to check if the problem is solved with a different psu? would you be into opening your current psu and seeing if there is anything visible wrong, like bloated capacitor, which is entirely possible with an fsp as they tend to use low-quality capacitors...?
  17. ive allready had a look inside the psu at the boards ect to see if i could see anything wrong every thing looked as is should be as far as my limited experience could see.. i have no access to any body who has a power supply just the shop where i took it to start with and ive lost trust with them thats why am here lol the dvd re writer is brand new and it still does it!! i bought new one because i thought it was that obiuosly not... if your saying that stress test would rule out the processer then i think im going to buy new psu ive searched for the exact model replacement cant seem to find it whitch psu would you recomend to replace mine ???
  18. @dadiggle just been to event viewer there was lots off red errors that said the source was the cd rom and on one yellow hazzard sign it said An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom0 during a paging operation. havent a clue what that means ? @ shovenose say i buy a new psu that i know works fine and then its the same what could it be then ??
  19. you have already replaced the dvd drive. unless the new one is fauly thats not the issue. its either the cdrom drive or the it can only be the psu then
  20. theres no cd rom drive just 1 dvd rw i had a dvd rw in thought it was that so tried a really old cd rom it still did it so bought a brand new 1 still does it i am goin to buy this off ebay NEW Antec EarthWatts EA-380D ATX12V & EPS12V Power S... is this the right one as the one you suggested off new egg is out of stock i think its the same just one last check sorry to be a pest lol ive had the new rw ive done the stress test to check for over heating so your pretty much sure with what ive told you its the psu
  21. yes thats the same one.
    by cd drive i meant dvdrw drive, sorry about that!

    youre not being a pest, :)
  22. ive ordered the the psu.. should take a lil while to come knowing what the post has been like!! as soon as it comes ill put it in and try again got my fingers crossed!! i will keep this thread open and let you know how i get on thank you for the help and advice much appreciated
  23. i got the new psu its working fine =) carnt beleve the diff when its reading and ripping a disc before it used to sound like it was going to take off!! now it completes the task smooth and 50% quieter thanks also i bought a new hard drive as i thought it was that so i now have 2 160 g hard drives 1 ide and one sata the ide is the one thats in is there now can have them both in my pc ???
  24. **is there a way could have them both in my pc??
  25. well, ide can onl yhave 2 drives, (if your dvd is counted as one then you can only have one ide hard drive),
    but if you hav eany open sata ports just put it right in
  26. not sure what you mean by any open sata ports ??? the new psu has got a lot more leads coming off than the other .. i bought the wrong 1 this pc when it was new came with a sata hard drive i bought ide as a replacement the shop where i bought it put it in for me and passed me a sata lead conector they had taken out so this pc was set up for sata and im using ide would that mean theres an open sata port ????
  27. theres a lead coming off the board a sata lead with a blue like plug at the end is this an open sata port ?? as this was where my sata hard drive used to go.. if it is i know that goes to the hard drive.. the lead coming off the psu going into the ide hard drive has 2 sata connections on also do i put the second hard drive on one off them ??? if this is right do i have to set anything up or will it just go strait it and work ???
  28. you can use any sata power blug from the psu that will fit into the drive.
    and if the sata cable to your mobo is already in place just plug it in
  29. when i plug the other hard drive in and turn it on it just goes blank no windows comes on or anything if i then remove the sata hard drive it starts up normal again ???
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  31. What kind of errors do you have in your event viewer under system, and check application too.
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