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Hello, I hope im putting this in the right forum! I have a problem ive scoured the net for answers for and come up with nothing. When i play any game i get this annoying stuttering if im striding/moving the camera around objects, its almost like the card cant keep up, even on older games. I have flashed mobo bios to latest using the asus update tool, let it do it automatically and it didnt solve my problem. updated all drivers and still hasnt solved it.
spec -
Mobo- Asus P5KPL-AM EPU
CPU - Intel q9505 @ 2.83 (no overclock)
Memory - DDR2 800 Crucial Ballistix 4gb (2x2gb)
OS - Windows 7 x64 (problem still occurs using XP 32)
Graphics - Sapphire ATI 5770 1gb Resolution at 1024x768
Hard drive - 1TB 7200 samsung spinpoint 32mb cache
PSU - 600W Winpower

Really frustrating i cant even play old games smoothly lol
Wierd thing is if i use fraps its over 60fps at all times, but if im striding/moving the camera around anything its lots of stuttering on that object and framerate doesnt drop, it isnt like lag where it pauses for a bit then catches up, its constant. vsync is enabled, if it isnt i get screen tearing and graphics set on optimal performance in catalyst and still no difference.

I really hope someone can answer this bizarre problem i have and thank you in advance :)
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    If with v-sync enabled get screen tearing in all games,then maybe your VGA is defective, can you test it in another system ?
  2. i have ooold machine in the attic i can try it in, but before i got the ati 5770 i had a MSI HD 4830 OC 1GB with the saame problem, sent that back to ebuyer thinking that it was the problem and paid the difference to get the 5770. better graphics but useless if it doesnt play smoothly lol. it doesnt screen tear with vsync on it just stutters horrible when i move around things, if with vsync turned off it screen tears and stutters :)
  3. It could be a driver issue to try doing a clean install of the latest drivers and see if it helps,

    1_Download and install "Driver sweeper" from and install
    2_Go to add/remove programs and uninstall the driver and reboot
    3_Boot to safe mode and open driver sweeper,then click on ATI and then click on clean
    4_Reboot and boot normally to windows and install the new drivers after that you need to restart,and its done
  4. ok ive done that, didnt do anything. so its not a driver issue, couldnt be the motherboard slacking power to the graphics card? or the power supply? although im sure 600w should be enough
  5. yeah pretty much any first person shooter or world of warcraft. oldest games ive tried to play with my spec is farcry, stalker and soul reaver 2. latest games playing call of duty modern warfare 2, borderlands, fallout 3 and prototype. heard the term microstuttering but thats usually with crossfire. im really stumped. on the plus side it plays broken sword 1 really well lol
  6. you did plug the pcie power connector from the psu to the videocard did you not?

    can you also try to set CCC to factory defaults. it might help.
  7. yeah used 2 different connectors for the graphics power too just in case one power cable was faulty. ccc is set to defaults now and no difference

    heres a video i did using fraps, its set at 60 so it doesnt look as stuttery as it actually is but youll get the idea when you see it.
  9. download rivatuner > go to the monitoring section > check if the clock readings goes up when you're playing a game.

    as a last resort, i'd try that card on a different system.
  10. cool ill give that a go tomorrow and report back :)

    as a side note ive spotted this psu i reckon ill get soon and ive phoned ebuyer and they will rma my mobo and let me pay the difference for a new board incase it is the mobo thats giving me grief
  11. well today ive tried the rivatuner and yes the clocks go up when playing games and then go back down once exited.
    couldnt test the card in my other system, an aged 300w psu wouldnt of coped lol.

    motherboard being sent back on tuesday and going for a once its been RMA'd and hope thatll solve it. thank you all for your tips, very much appreciated :)
  12. Well my motherboard was RMA'd, was outside one year warranty so they sent me a replacement and wasnt allowed to pay the difference.
    Same Problem. So definatly wasnt the motherboard :(
  13. My money's on the power supply. It might be rated to 600W, but what's far more important in a modern system is it's 12V Amperage. And Winpower? Sounds like some generic hunk of junk to me. No offense, of course.

    Check the PSU and tell us what the 12V output is.
  14. yeah i was thinking PSU not giving enough power to the graphics card as well as a quad core (i kinda gathered its a hunk of junk ha) sticker on the side says:
    Model: AS-P600L 600W
    8A MAX
    5A MAX

    +12V1 18A,
    +12V2 18A,
    +5V 30A,
    +3.3V 35A,
    -12V 0.8A,
    +5V/SB 3.0A
  15. Those look like MAX Amp ratings, not continuous, but should still be well within the peak draw of an HD5770 card. They're not power-hungry cards by any means. A q6700 isn't really all that much a beast either, unless OC'd heavily.

    Scratchin my head here... Any chance this is happening on an older, slow response time LCD monitor? Have you attempted using a different monitor with the system?
    thats the monitor im using, i have a 17" lcd tv upstairs i could plug in to try but its not a newish tv either its a
    ill try it out later when i get home from work
  17. changed the monitor for the lcd tv, still noo difference. im another step closer to throwing this pc out of the window, i thought this spec would fly over most recent games lol
  18. Only thing I can suggest to totally rule out a software/driver issue is to get a blank hard drive and start from scratch with this setup. It doesn't really matter if it's an old IDE 80GB drive, so long as you can start fresh. If there are no problems once you attempt to play games on the fresh install, then you've ruled out every chance it's a hardware issue.
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