New build with old comp...sorta

Hey all I built my own system and it works all great but now my brother wants one.... and guess who gets to pick out all the parts for his birthday? Me! My mom wants to take his old comp if we are buying him a whole new one cuz we originally thought we would just be buying parts.

So enough of that. He currently has a comp but it doesnt keep up with the games he likes to play. Atm he's playing AvA, and WoW. It's he's 16th so we are going to get him a good comp. Btw welive in canada if that helps at all.

Atm he's using a store built dell comp with intel core duo CPU, 8G of DDR2 ram (some random brand) intel built mobo, and a horible graphics card from ATI.

What i was thinking of buying him:

-AMD 955 be
-geforce 460 gtx
-6G of DDR3 RAM
-700watt corsair PSU
-antec 900 case
-random hard drive and disk wrighter.

Now the problem im running into is that i know he would want to "future prof" this as much as possible, so I want to get him SLI but there arnt any MoBo's I know of that can use AM3 and DDR3. If there are plz let me know. But if there arnt idk if i should get him an ATI radeon 5830 or change to intel i5 and get the 460.

Thank you to anyone that acctually read the whole thing :D and for any advice u can give all knowing internet.
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  1. Two SLI AM3 boards I found on newegg

    I would get 4GB DDR3 not 6.... if he is playing games he wont see any benefits from 6 over 4GB
  2. If you want the GTX 460, I would go with an Intel Core i7-760 / ASUS P7P55D-E Pro build with 4GB of RAM. AMD is based on the Nvidia chipset, which have been known for their issues (not highly recommended). Intel provides the better SLI solution than AMD.

    PSU: I would actually go with the XFX 650W over the Corsair at the "700w" range.

    HDD: I would recommend going with the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB... Not just a random hard drive.
  3. Or if you do want to stick with an AMD board/cpu, you could go with a 6850. Plenty of mobo's will support crossfire, which is supposed to be phenomonal on the 6000 series
  4. 1. X4 955 is OK
    2. 6GB is a NO for AMD systems because AMD doesn't use 3 channel RAM but only 2 channel RAM. 4GB should do the trick for you.
    If you already have 8GB DDR2 RAM, you can keep your 8GB DDR2 RAM and choose an AM2+ mobo with DDR2 support and X4 955 compatibility.
    3. GTX460 is good but a little power hungry, I prefer HD6850 for that price range.

    More you can keep :
    old HDD, old DVD/CD-drive.
  5. 1. If you need to get a Hdd, my recommendation : Samsung F3 1TB 7200rpm
    2. Stick with Corsair. Corsair is on my 1st Tier of PSU if you can still afford it, while XFX is only on my 2nd Tier.
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