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Raid 1 Questions

January 22, 2013 6:04:40 AM

My apologies for my apparent iqnorance in RAID related topics.

This question deals with the interaction of ROM based motherboard software RAID controllers and Intel's RST Windows software.

I have two identical SATA hard drives running in RAID 1 which was setup using a ROM Software RAID controller that comes preinstalled on the motherboard. Everything runs fine until the Windows 7 Intel RST software is installed. The problem lies in the fact that when the Windows Intel RST software is installed, the whole system gets sent back to the 80's in terms of load times and performance. Booting Windows and logging into a User account takes 3-5 minutes when the software is installed. If I uninstall the software, it generally takes 15-30 seconds to boot Windows and log in. There are no verification processes or initialization processes running during this bootup time. I would be fine with not having the software installed, with the exception that I would like to be able to schedule and run a verification process for the RAID volume to ensure that the data is identical on both hard drives.

Question 1: Does a ROM Software RAID controller automatically verify and repaid data inconsistency and if not, is there a way to schedule these processes from Windows other than using Windows 7 Intel RST software?

Question 2: Is there a specific reason hard drive performance is GREATLY reduced when Windows 7 Intel RST software is installed after installing Windows using the motherboard's ROM Software RAID controller?

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