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Hi all,
I have a HP Slimline S5535UK. OK for my needs I guess. But I wish to get a graphics card for it, nothing heavy, more like a Radeon HD5450. This is a low profile card, but will it fit in this slimline PC? I realise now that I should have got a full sized tower, but too late now. My issue are if it will fit (I gather it comes some "brackets" to help) and will the PSU be OK with it, seeing as it only draws around 25W power?. I don't actually know the PSU rating, if anybody knows. Just one other: my monitor has an odd resolution of 1600 x 900 and looks fine, but will this card (if it fits!) be OK with this? Thanks in advance,
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  1. It should work just fine.
  2. Yes, It will work fine, Here's some of the resolutions it supports:

    # Integrated dual-link DVI output with HDCP

    * Max resolution: 2560x1600

    # Integrated DisplayPort output

    * Max resolution: 2560x1600

    # Integrated HDMI 1.3 output with Deep Color, xvYCC wide gamut support, and high bit-rate audio

    * Max resolution: 1920x1200

    # Integrated VGA output

    * Max resolution: 2048x1536

    So you should be fine, however gaming wise it is quite lacking, In that case I'd recommend atleast a 5750 or better.
  3. yes a 5450 low profile card would fit into a slimline pc. how big is your power supply anyway? a 5450 uses hardly any power but you have other low profile options.
  4. Many thanks for the advice, everyone. I take the point about the HD5750, but will the PC be able to handle that card (if it draws the power from the PCI-E slot), as I don't know the PSU power rating of the PC. And (sorry for labouring the point), will both the cards fit into the case? I am just wondering, if the HD5750 card (which I am now drawn to!), will do so, and how, as it is a "slimline" PC, and is pretty small.
  5. Just for info. Found out that the PSU rating is 220W.
  6. a 5750 would be way too risky for a 220w power supply. the 5750 is normally a full size card but powercolor just released a low profile version. it still needs 1 6-pin pci-e power cable. there is also a low profile 5670 from msi, that works on just the pci-e power. im guessing the power draw will be similar to the regular 5670, 61w. im using a 5570 on a 250w power supply, it has a max power draw of 42w. it works great but my resolution is only 1280x1024. on newegg some people do state they have it working on a 220w power supply. a 5450 would work without much risk, a 5550 has max power draw of 39w so its similar to a 5570.
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