5770 BIOS Cannot be read/flashed

Hi guys,

Since yesterday I have a Club3D 5770 but the problem is not one tool is able to read/flash my BIOS. ATIflash says no adapter found and winflash doesn't even start (using W7 x64).

Anyone got any ideas ?

Thx in advance.
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  1. seems odd. i changed my 5770 Bios with winflash and RBE and winflash loaded fine (using Win 7 64bit). what happens when you try to load it? just a hint try running it as Administrator. or you could try running in compatibility mode for different operating systems.

    im assuming you have the latest version of Winflash?
  2. Nothing happens. I can doubleclick it as much as I want, it never loads up. Also not visible in running processes. Using latest version I think, ?
  3. hm....well i dont know. perhaps you need a windows update. maybe something else. theres not much i can do until you get winflash to work
  4. I could be wrong but don't some manufacturers lock the bios.
  5. Why do you need to edit/flash the BIOS? Most of the changes you would ever need to make can be done using software like Rivatuner with practically zero risk.
  6. Since I haven't found a tool yet that can actually do what I want it to: increase VCore en overclock beyond 960Mhz core.
    MSI Afterburner doesn't work, Rivatuner cannot increase VCore, etc. etc.

    My previous was an Asus one and they included a tool which allows for these adjustments with ease, but that tool only works on Asus cards. So Iwould like to either make adjustments to my current BIOS, or flash an Asus BIOS onto it.
  7. I see. Most (but perhaps not all) software limits the overclock to +/- X% from the BIOS clock speeds. If you change them in the BIOS then the software should also change the limits. Rather than pushing really high clocks through via the BIOS, it may be better to simply set them fairly high in the BIOS and then use a tool to increase it further. That way you run less risk of having to blind flash :)
  8. Agreed. But that would still require me to get into the BIOS, which I can't. I've already downloaded the stock BIOS for my card but I have no means of flashing it after modification.
    I really need to have a tool able to read/flash my BIOS. OR a functional overclocking tool allowing me to go beyond limits. Right now I have neither.
    And since I'm running my rig watercooled, I cannot simply take it out and put it in another machine to try and flash it there.
    Meantime I've send a support ticket to Club3D. See what they have to say regarding the issue.
  9. Have you tried different versions of ATIFlash? Both it and nvFlash are finicky programs. The newest version isn't always the best.
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