Six Core processor not getting recognized?

I just got a new motherboard and processor after facing an issue(as discussed in my last thread), well now I have a new issue.
My 6 core processor is not getting recognized.
My motherboard is an M4A87TD and my processor is a Phenom II x6 3.2 Ghz I believe(will explain).

Well the professional we hired to upgrade the computer bought everything himself from frys. He told me to check the processor myself and it said it was a Phenom II B50, a dual core phenom unlocked for quad core, but I later called him when programs were reading it differently and he said it was actually a six core processor.

My issue now is, how can I get my computer to acknowledge that it is a six core processor and run it at the speed it should be running at.

CPUID even said it was a B50 and said it was running at 800 core speed with a multiplyer of 4.

The bios is from September.

Will a bios upgrade fix it?

Thanks for your help
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  1. Is your mobo an EVO or the USB3 variant?

    The CPU support list at shows the supported processors... and the BIOS that support starts with: (for the EVO)
    There are several X6 CPUs that start support with the September BIOS (1005), but you should have that... There are 2 newer BIOS available...

    If the model of the CPU is unknown... you might want to pop the CPU fan off and check the number stamped on the CPU. You'd want to reapply fresh thermal paste after though... The 3.2GHz X6 should be a 1090T.

    Check the Performance tab in the Task Manager and see if its using 4 or 6 threads... Its possible that you need a newer AMD processor driver... or CPUID isn't the newest version.

    Good luck!
  2. Tried posting to this thread earlier but said it was locked!?

    I think you're probably most likely to actually have a Phenom II X2 chip installed in your system that has been unlocked to a Phenom II X4 B50 which is a quad core CPU. I'm not sure where the idea of a six core chip came from?
  3. I called the professional who installed the chip and he told me it was a six core processor, after asking how many cores it had by phone, after thinking it might be dual core.

    I am going to update my bios, it was at 1005, but I do not know exactly which processor I have.
    How do I find the number of threads, mine showed like 77?
  4. If you right click on the taskbar then click task manager and then go to the performance tab it will show you a number of graphs. The number of graphs displayed will be equal to the number of threads on your CPU. If you have a 6 core CPU, 6 charts will be shown etc.
  5. Only 4 threads are shown... >.>

    Also, it is USB3.
  6. As I mentioned I wouldn't be surprised if you actually have an X2 installed which has been unlocked to an X4 hence only four threads are shown. Feel free to perform a BIOS update however, but I don't really think it will make a lot of difference.
  7. Updated bios; issue is still not resolved...
    I guess I will need to talk to the professional...
  8. Yeah, somebody sold you a dual core claiming it was a hexacore... and then tried to fool you by going half way and unlocking two dormant cores.

    I hope your professional is an honest person. I can't see how anyone could 'accidentally' unlock a processor without knowing about it.
  9. He buys his parts from Frys, and he is honest.

    Could it be possible that Windows 7 downloaded the wrong driver for it?
  10. holyness said:
    He buys his parts from Frys, and he is honest.

    Could it be possible that Windows 7 downloaded the wrong driver for it?

    Hahahahahhahaha! wow....
  11. You have an X2 550, that "the honest professional" unlocked to a X4 B50. This is NOT a Hexcore processor.
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    holyness said:
    He buys his parts from Frys, and he is honest.

    Could it be possible that Windows 7 downloaded the wrong driver for it? has processor drivers for Phenoms, but they're only for XP or Server 2003. It looks like anything newer should have native support in the OS, particularly Windows 7.

    I don't think I've seen the number of cores/threads report wrong in the Performance tab in the Task manager.

    If CPUID is reporting something you don't trust, the next sure fire thing I can think of to confirm the processor's model is to check the model stamped on the top of the heat spreader. It'll have a model string like "HDZ555WFK2DGM" (this one is for a Phenom II X2 555 Black ... 3.2 GHz). There is a string for 550 and the 550 unlocked 'Black Edition'. Wikipedia will have tables with the possible strings to compare against what you find:

    Hope you find out some good information.
  13. Seeing as no one has mentioned it, don't stress over the x4 multiplier or low clock speed. It's in coolnquiet mode, and will clock up to the correct speed when its not in idle anymore.
  14. You don't have a six core you have an unlocked dual core. Your hones professional built you a dirt cheap PC and unlocked 2 cores giving you a total of 4.
  15. thanks for all of your help, you were right, it ended up being a Athlon x3 450 after I tried locking the core then reading the CPU type.
    He said it was a 450 six core processor, but I didn't know there was a 450 tri core...
    I should have mentioned that he said it was a 450.
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