Computer crashes when installing NVIDIA driver

Recently while playing WoW my computer locked up and the screens graphics spazzed out and the sound got stuck in an infinite loop. Unable to do anything i shut down the PC and turned it back on. After this the PC was unable to load windows XP at all except in safe mode. I decided my only option was to try and reformat. I successfully installed Windows XP home edition but I couldnt find the CD with all the drivers and devices, so I went to the working PC I have and proceeded to DL all the drivers that are recommended for a Dell Vostro 400 onto a disc. Most of them work fine when installed on the reformatted Dell (network and audio are the two i notice anyways not sure about the others) but whenever I try and install NVIDIA driver it will start downloading a bit then the screen will turn black with just a flashing _ in the top right. It will do this for several minutes before restarting itself. I also noticed that while Windows is loading the Logo that says Windows XP has strange lines going through it now that werent there before. Ive tried other NVIDIA drivers and they just give various errors saying Control Panel cannot be found or serve program could not locate and drivers that are compatible. Only the recommended driver for my Dell Vostro 400 will actually start to install then eventually shut off the PC. Has my graphics card just died? Im really not sure

If anybody can help me out Id greatly appreciate it
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  1. I'm no expert, but I've had a similar graphics corruption/sound loop with an Nvidia card. At that wow time, did you get very mixed colours? I'm afraid it might be indeed dead. Or maybe it's overheating?
  2. it is possible that the card is damaged....When you said that there are weird lines when windows is booting up is a bad sign indicating that it is going to die. At the time of windows loading up there are no drivers to cause the corruption. I would pull the card out make sure that there is no dust clogging the heatsink and if there isnt try to return it under warrenty
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