Updating Dell Studio 540 Video and PSU

I have a Dell Studio 540. It crashes while I play WoW now. My screens go black and say No Video Input. A stuttering noise,,da da da da . Then I have to hard reset to get it to come back on. My GPU temp is running up to 106 degrees Celsius while playing, Idle it is about 84 degrees Celsius.
Im not sure what it is but seems that the vid card is getting to hot.

Windows 7 Professional 64bit
Intel Quad Core q800@2.333GHz 2.34GHz
6 Gigs Ram

GeForce 9800GT video card

350 watt PSU
Input 100-127v~/10A 50-60Hz
Output +5v===/18A MAX

I was wanting to know if one of these PSU's and Video card would be compatible with my system. I contacted Dell and they said none of these were compatiable and tried selling me a refurbished 350watt PSU.

http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/PopupProductDetail.aspx?sku=A4041041 Video Card

http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/PopupProductDetail.aspx?sku=A1502087 650Watt PSU
http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/PopupProductDetail.aspx?sku=A1502086 550Watt PSU

If these will not work please suggest ones that will.

Thank you,
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  1. The Dell Studio 540 is a standard ATX build. You do not need to buy from Dell and can get anything you like.
  2. So I will be ok with the 650 PSu and Video card? I didnt know if the MB could handle the 650w PSU. Thanks
  3. Ooops I must have hit post or something. Your old video card may have some dust in it or the heatsinks may have come loose.

    As for the video card and PSU, those are OK choices but the PSUs are a bit overkill for the card.

    I don't know your monitor resolution, but let's take a nice upper- mainstream video card and pair it with a high quality but inexpensive PSU.

    HIS 5770 1GB free shipping

    Rosewill 530W PSU
    Yes Rosewill sometimes sells decent PSUs, you just have to know exactly what you are getting. This one is made by ATNG, an OEM that makes PSUs for many well-regarded brands.

    A step up from the Rosewill would be this Seasonic M12II
  4. The rated power of a PSU is it's potential. Power supplies are complex devices that ONLY supply the required amount of power (unless they malfunction). A 1500W PSU would still be compatible with your computer, it would just be inefficient at the low wattages your small system would use.
  5. I run dual monitors. 22 wide screen and 19. both flat panel.
    1920x1080 on 22 inch
    1280x1024 on 19 inch.
    The reason I listed Dell parts is because I have an account with them. I don't have the extra cash to buy from NewEgg or I would.
    I did take out the Vid Card last night and cleaned it. It really wasn't dirty and I cant see that anything was loose on it. Its just gotten progressively worse over the past 2 months.

    Is your concern with the PSU the price as far as overkill or just not a good Unit?

    Thanks for you help!!!
  6. No Corsair only sells good PSUs. If that's what is available you can buy either with confidence... It would not surprise me if the 650TX actually costs less than the 550VX. Either will be fine for you. The 450VX would be OK as well.

    With those two monitors running WoW I think a 5770 is as low as I would go. The GTS 450 might be a bit overworked.

    GTX 460 1GB would be great, the 768MB versions at least an improvement over the GTS 450.
  7. I'm sorry for sounding so clueless but what do you mean by 5770?
  8. Btw I only run wow on the 22 inch and use the 2nd monitor for browsing and such if needed.
  9. A 5770 is an AMD (ATI) card. Both types are competitive these days... GTS 450, 5770, GTX 460, 5850, in that order.
  10. Dell Part# : A4035964
  11. It's quite a bit better and a better value dollar/performance.
  12. I got the corsair 650 w psu. Installed without a hitch. Quite and actually brought case temp down by like 5 degrees. I ordered the 250 vid card. If that doesn't help me I will get the 460. Will have it tomorrow. Ty for your help and advice.

    Right now I have a shot 9800gtx so I know I'll be better off haha!!
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