Seagate Freeagent Backup - merge with Win8 backup?

Hey there,

I've been using the Seagate Backup tool on my Freeagent drive for a couple of years - switched to Win8 and now I'm super screwed, because the software doesn't support Win8 anymore and Seagate flips the finger.
Of course I could transfer data around manually, but with all those subfolders, versions etc. I'm going nuts! Is there another way? I'd like to use Win8 Backup, seems to be more reliable concerning future versions.
Seagate leads me to some software for a slightly newer Freeagent drive (GoFlex), but I really don't want to install it as the description states it'll backup "all files on your harddrive" and only the paid version will let me select them.
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  1. That highlights the folly of using proprietary backup software which may not be supported on a different or new OS.

    I don't even use Windows built-in backup tool for a similar reason.

    Furthermore, i like to be able to see my individual backed-up files at a glance, which isn't always possible with some backup software that employs compression or some special backup format.

    The only backup tool I trust is me -- doing it manually.

    The only time I use software to do the job is when creating a system image, of course.
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