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A unique Psu problem... Can it run my 5700 Hd?

i have searched but i seem to have a unique problem. I am sorry if this has been asked before but if it had been i haven't found it? I have been using an amd 64 x2 4400+ with msi k9agm3 motherboard and 2gb of ram. Up until now i have been satisfied with my built in Gpu but a recent fancy has led me to buy the xfx 5700hd. I am now out of cash and thus can't run the card since i only have two stock 450w with 17amps in the 12v rail one of which i use to power my pc. I have tweaked the other so that it runs solely. Both of them are only 6 months old and now my question is can i use the other to run my 5700. I haven't tried anything yet since i am too sacred of wasting the card.
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  1. Sorry i've made a mistake it's my 5770 Hd
  2. you want to set up a dual PSU system? it will run OK as long as both PSU are housed safely.
  3. What do you mean by properly housed?
  4. He means that it is protected properly so that nothing gets in and shorts it out etc. -- but with a 5770 the single 450W PSU is more than enough to run it so why are you using 2 PSU's to begin with ??? -- that is more for adding extra power when a single unit is not enough to power the system but unless you are planning on using 2 of those 5770's or severly OCing the system you have no need for the second PSU at the moment so why bother ? (Unless they are both very cheap PSUs that do not perform to their spec in which case You are still asking for problems since 2x bad quality still does not equal safety and you just are adding that much more possibility of fying something when one or the other of them goes bad ---- IF it is 1 decent quality 450W unit that is all you need for your system so use it -- and if it is not decent quality then buy a decent one and don't use 2 bad ones because using a poor quality PSU is asking for trouble and using 2 of them just increases the chance that 1 or the other wil take your components with it when they inevitably burn out !!
  5. Yeah both of them are oem's... That is why i asked for you guys opinion and anyway i don't have the cash(really i don't) to buy the decent Psu's which in my country starts from about $110. What should i do? Because a little risk is feasible in my case
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    If the PSU's are 450W then you should be fine using only one of them to power the system - IF you find that the system is unstable using just the one then I quess you could try using the second one to power just the GPU just be sure that you get the wiring setup correctly and make sure the jumper wires to get it working without the MOBO connection secure but in the long run I'd really try to get a good quality PSU instead since using a poorly made PSU is risking your MOBO,CPU,GPU, Memory and everything else on the system because they usually do not have any type of overvoltage protection and if they do burn out will usually take some other components with them (and figuring out which parts are damaged can be very time consuming and expensive) - so it really depends on how much risk you are comfortable with.
  7. Thanks for your advice. I will try my setup with a little more confidence but am hoping to buy a better Psu in the upcoming months.
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