My Hard Drive Doesn't Show Up In BIOS!

I recently purchased a new rig which was:
MSI 7950
ASRock z77 Pro4-M
i5 3570k.

My hard drive has an IDE slot instead of SATA and there are no IDE slots on the motherboard so i bought this:

I plugged this into my hard drive, connected everything correctly (i hope) and plugged the power into my hard drive.
When i turn it on it comes up with an error.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!
Many Thanks,
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  1. well it seems the reviews are hit and miss on working on some boards and not on others
  2. Have you jumpered the drive as master?

    Does it spin up?
  3. it spins yes...
  4. this is a reply from yahoo...
    your link got bunched up so it does not work. but if you bought a pci or pci-express IDE adaptor, it is most likely not supported by your bios and will only work in windows. this is a newer computer so it should boot from USB in bios. if you really want to boot with this drive, buy a USB to IDE adaptor. but i would recomend you just buy a sata hard drive and install windows on that, then once in widows you can use the device you bought to use the hard drive you have already as a back up. sata is faster and there would be a huge performance boost. feel free to email me and good luck.
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