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I have a Dell 530 w/an E228WFP monitor. I recently had to crash/reinstall everything. My problem is this, everything is displayed too small now. Web pages only show the info in the middle with about 2 or 3 inches on each side of the page blank (everthing is centered). The font throughout the system is like a size 4 or 5. Before suggesting to change my dpi from 96 to 120... I've already tried it, it doesnt fix the problem. I've tried changing the native resolution to various dimensions, all that happened was the screen was so wide or too tall that no one in their right mind would use it. I need help!!! Any suggestions?
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  1. Did you install the video card drivers or if you don't have one, did you install the motherboard drivers?
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    Make sure all drivers are properly installed....
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