File system corruption, data recoverable?!?

I bought a new 4 Tb HDD, formatted into a single large extended drive in NTFS. I'm always unsure about new HDDs and don't want to move all my data with testing integrity first. Had if for a few weeks, ran testing, data always maintained integrity, slowly moved data over a few weeks, everything seemed fine and so with some free time started to move my data en masse.

About halfway though the transfer, as I was transferring some large files, 1.5 gb and up, windows stopped the transfer and threw up an error saying that the file system had become corrupted and it could transfer the files. But I could still see the files in explorer and move around the folders, although I couldn't access them.

Thinking it was just a hiccup in the transfers themselves, I figured a reboot would undo what ever happened. To my dismay when the computer rebooted it wasn't recognizing the drive at all. Disk manager sees the drive and says it healthy but the file system is labeled as RAW. When I try and access it from explorer it has its drive letter but its name is gone, and when I click on it the computer says its unrecognizable and I should format.

I tried running chkdsk but it says it cannot access the drive because it isn't formatted, tied Recuva but again it wouldn't allow me to select the drive for the same reasons mentioned above. I also tried running RecoverMyFiles which allowed me to access the drive and allowed me to scan, said the drive was only 1.5 Tb, which I think means the when it told me that it couldn't find anything it was because it was only scanning the empty part of the drive.

Can anyone give me some advice?!? I have home movies that are on the drive...if the file system get corrupted the data is still on the drive, right? Do I have a chance for recovery?!?!
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  1. Did you move your Home Videos across to this new drive or did you Copy them across.

    Do you not still have your data on the old drive, did you not back up your data, from what you have explained here it is very unlikely you will get data back off the HDD without specialist help.

    Honestly, from a Tech Professional, my best advice here, is if you have really precious data on the new drive that has failed, and no backup at all, don't mess with it any further and get it to a recovery specialist, I will cost but memories are priceless!
  2. Hello ,

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  3. My advice is don't panic. The safest approach would be to clone your drive, sector by sector, and then use data recovery software on the clone.

    However, before using any data recovery software, I would first examine the drive with a disc editor in readonly mode. If you can show us the contents of sector 0, then this will tell us where to find the partition information, and the NTFS boot sector.

    DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery):

    The other thing is to determine why the capacity is now being reported as 1.5TB. Is this figure being reported by BIOS? Disk Management? Explorer?

    Do you have a Gigabyte motherboard?
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