5870 flickering and crashing

Hi all,

I just built my rig, installed all the drivers...and I started up GTA 4. The screen then starts flickering randomly in the game (not menus, just the game). After flickering for a while, the output signal is all black. Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Alt-Del, and Alt-F4 all not responsive. My drivers are the ones that came with the card.
Same problem exists with Blur.

XFX 5870

Corsair Tx850w power supply

Asus p6x58d-e motherboard

Intel i7 920

OCZ Gold Triple Channel RAM 6gb

Windows 7 professional 64-bit

Also, I tried event viewer, but since the computer doesnt turn off (theres still an output signal) nothing shows up.

Thank you everyone.
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  1. Get the current drivers from the amd website. Here's the link:

    If that doesn't fix it, describe this "flickering". Is it like artifacting, where weird shapes start appearing? Do other games have this problem? Does it occur when you aren't gaming?
  2. No, the problem occurs only while gaming. Blur has the problem as well (GTA4 and Blur are the only games I have installed so far)
    I would consider "weird shapes appearing" a good description. The shapes are all black, only appear for a very short length of time and there are many on the screen at once. After a while, the computer crashes. Also, I use my TV as a temporary monitor...could that be the problem?

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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