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NVidia GeForce GT 220 or ATI Radeon hd 5450

I'm thinking about buying a new dell computer (inspiron 580), but I don't know which graphics card I shall buy?
Which one is better, the nVidia or the ATI card.
I use my computer mainly for photo and video editing. I play rarely games, and when I play games, they are not games as call of duty and they don't have very high system requirements.
I'll buy a new full hd screen when I have my pc, so all my computer things are happening in hd.
Please help me.
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  1. I'd put my money on the Radeon 5450.
    I think it's a bit more powerful then the GT220
    and has more features!
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    If you aren't gaming at all then any card would suit your need for photo and video editing. That's more CPU demanding, make sure you have a fast CPU... :)
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