Separate physical drive slows down PC during file access

First time posting not sure if this is the right spot but here goes. I recently upgraded from an old ASUS A8N5X motherboard based system to a more modern AsRock A85X-Extreme4. On both systems I have used the same setup: an 80 gig HDD for Windows 7 Pro and then 2x500G HDDs in RAID 0 for files. Since I've been running this newer setup whenever I access the RAID, Windows slows down to a crawl: my mouse pointer gets jumpy, I get skippy/laggy performance all around, can't type properly, etc. My understanding is that since the file access is on a separate physical drive there should not be a major performance hit on the PC when accessing the raid at 100%, assuming I am not running any programs which are installed on it (of which there are none except steam, and I'm not playing games when doing this). Furthermore I don't remember having this problem whatsoever on the old setup. I've checked the virtual memory settings and have no page file on the raid. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Should mention in both setups I am using mobo based fake raid
  2. I got a message saying I had received some answers to my post but found nothing. I can generally handle technical problems myself but I really need some help on this one. So I will take the e-mail as an excuse for a bump. Thanks
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