A display adapter has stopped working and recovered. **Please help me*

I have recently bought a new GTX 460 and 600W PSU to go with it. I have been playing Star Craft II on max settings and Bad Company 2 on max settings with no problems. When I play Dawn of War II sometimes my screen will go black and I will get a message saying "A display adapter has stopped working and recovered". Then my screen returns to normal and I can continue playing. Does this mean by GPU is defective? It only happens when I play Dawn of War II. I monitored the temp using Nvidia Monitor and it stays around 65c while I play DOW, which is not overheating as far as I know.

Here is a pic of the inside of my case if that helps.


My computer is an XPS 420 and my specs are:

Windows Vista 32-bit
XPS 460

I have shown that picture before on this forum asking if this setup would cause overheating problems and I was told it would not. As I said earlier, my card doesn't appear to be overheating either from the readings I get from Nvidia Monitor. I don't know what to do please help. I made a tech support thread on Dawn of War II forums and a developer from that game told me my card may be defective and I may have to replace it, but I don't understand why it only happens on that game. I should also mention with my previous card, the 8800GT I did not have this issue. I also have the latest driver for this card. the developer also told me that other customers using the GTX 460 have not been reporting problems.
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  1. Please help me this is so frustrating. I paid so much for this and I was so excited to use it only to have these errors occur.
  2. It just happened to me again. I immediately checked the temp of my GPU and it was 60c. I think that rules out overheating.
  3. Someone please give me some advice. :(
  4. Already installed the latest version of driver?
    You can download the latest driver on Nvidia site...
  5. I have the latest driver installed for my GPU. However, when I installed my new GPU I did not delete the old drivers of my 8800GT. Could this be causing the problem?
  6. It shouldn't as I'm pretty sure they use the same drivers, you can run driver sweeper and delete all of the Nvidia drivers, and then reinstall the newest just to be sure, however.
  7. Is driver sweeper free? I googled driver sweeper and I didn't find a free program. Could you link it for me please?
  8. I tried the driversweeper and the problem still persists. It seemed to happen less frequently but that was likely just luck. Any other suggestions for me to try? I really don't wanna have to return this card but it seems like that is my only option at this point. :(
  9. http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2101372%3Cbr%20/%3E
    use these drivers
    same prob with me, solved
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