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Hi, i decided while moving my PC to a new case (which is being shipped) to use it. I hooked up everything as i normally would just its all on a wooden desk. I hit the PSU on switch and it turned on BUT at the time i didnt want it on yet so i turned it off. Now even with hooking up a make-shift power switch to the "F-Panel" nothing happens even with the PSU on and everything connected. Please help i really need to get my PC back on its feet. It wont even POST. Thanks for reading
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  1. How did you turn it on the FIRST time?

    How did you turn it off the FIRST time? If you used the psu switch, did you turn it back on?

    I assume you rigged a start switch after you couldn't re-start it. In any case, remove it.
  2. I accidentally flicked the PSU switch and it turned on, i dont know how. I then turned it off by using the PSU switch. Remove what by the way?
  3. Starting at the beginning, there's no way the system should have started up simply by turning on the PSU switch. You would need . . . well, let's not go there yet.

    So, what do you mean it "turned on"? Did fans start turning? Or did some mobo lights come on and nothing else?
  4. Yea everything started working I think my computers BIOS was set to boot on power faliure. I really really really hope i can get this thing working again, its my main PC D:
  5. Also i can hear my PSU buzz and i forgot to plug in my graphics card power cable but it still wont turn on.
  6. OK, let's lift up that motherboard, remove anything loose that might be underneath it (eg case screws, etc), and spread some cardboard between the mobo and that desk. (eg, tear a cardboard box apart.) Make sure no part of the mobo touches anything other than that cardboard.

    Next, since you already forgot one cable, relax and carefully examine each cable coming from the psu. Make sure that cable is either connected to a device/plug, or you know why it should not be. Tie up any unused loose cable ends so none of the unused connectors touch anything.

    Any other device you have connected (eg disk drive, etc) should also be on cardboard.

    Try again.
  7. Sure I will try and see what i can do, thanks by the way I'm kinda freaking out D: Hopefully this will work, i read up on something about how the screws on the motherboard might act as a ground but i dont exactly know.
  8. OH MY F**KING GOD YES YES YES YES YES YES ok so i turned the PSU on and i was poking around (with the PCI slot thing i took of my GPU) in the PINS that say F-Panel and it booted!!!!!!! :3333333 :D I forgot which pins i hit but i will figure that out later. Now onto a new case! Thanks Twoboxer, like superduper thanks.
  9. F-Panel is the header where the front panel LED's and switches go. You accidentally shorted pins 6 and 8 where the case power switch goes.
  10. Now you know why I told you to take that switch you jury-rigged OFF lol. Grats, and be more patient, slower, more careful. It actually saves time :)
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