Home use/softcore gaming for ~400

So ive got the parts for my build in line etc. Now I'm working on a friends build and figured id let everyone toy around and toss in some input.

Build cost ~ 400. *Lucky perk* my state doesn't apply sales tax when buying from newegg!!!!!!

So as its looking right now a friend of mine is looking to build a very basic build. His objectives are to have a build that can handle streaming such as netflix, tons of youtubing, some Wow on basic settings*no raiding*. Secondly he wants a build that can be easily upgraded; Add GPU, upgrade CPU and last possibly more RAM.Lastly as stated the rig needs to be sub 400$

Current mock up I've brought together.


Does anyone own either the case/psu pair, or that MOBO that could vouch against/for there quality and reliability of the parts. Or can offer up ideas for alternate parts?
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  1. Negative with PSU bundled with case - u could hit a GPU good enuff for Full HD SC2 Ultra (no AA though hehe) with carefully selected juicy combos :P


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