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Hello All,

After doing much searching on the internet, and these forums, I am at a loss. Some background: My desktop is running Windows 7 64bit. The laptop is running windows XP SP3.

I am attempting to fix my Dell Inspiron E1505 running windows XP. I had a blue screen upon boot attempt, C0000128, I believe. The hard drive was near capacity (65ish of 80GB) so i went out and got a new Seagate 250GB. I also bought the SATA enclosure for data recovery. Things I did:

-Removed hard drive and installed in SATA case.
-ran checkdisk and selected auto repair. (this fixed the issue and allowed the laptop to boot normally)
-I still wanted to swap to the larger hard drive so I downloaded EaseUS ToDo Backup Free.
-I cloned the laptop hard drive to a spare 500GB hard drive I have in my desktop
-I then installed my new hard drive into the SATA case
-I cloned the clone from my desktop to the new drive
-After cloning it had three partitions on my new drive:
-a 47meg ish partition (primary healthy OEM (FAT16 I believe)
-a 65 GB primary Healthy NTFS
-3.7 GB primary healthy FAT32
-This is how the initial clone looked from the crashed to my desktop as well
-I then formatted the unallocated space to NTFS
-I wanted to combine this with my other NTFS partition
-I downloaded EaseUS Partition Manager Home edition
-I did all of the following on my spare internal drive first just in case.
-I moved the FAT32 partition to the end so that the two NTFS partitions were adjacent
-I combined the two NTFS partitions
-I rebooted from this partition to test it. All went well.
-I rebooted back to my desktop primary hard drive.
-I then made the same partition changes to my laptop hard drive
-Everything went the same as before.
-I installed the new drive into the laptop
-I booted the laptop at which point the OS would not load. I got a blue screen stop error msg saying my laptop would not to prevent damage
-I removed my hard drive and reinstalled it in the SATA Case.
-now comes the part where I am lost. The hard drive only shows up as a single 73.12GB Healthy primary partition
-there is no more available or unallocated space that is visible in Disk mgtmt or EaseUS.
-Check disk ran fine with no errors found.

I am at the extent of my knowledge on how to fix this so I turn with open arms and praise to any and all who can help. Thank you in advance and let me know if there is any other information needed. I am sitting by...
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