Intel Q8300 vs Q9650

My current PC is used primarily for Microsoft FSX and whilst it performs well, I would like it to be better.

Its CPU is an Intel Q8300 (2.5ghz) however I can obtain a Q9650 (3ghz) at a very good price and would like to hear some opinions on how much perfomance gains I can expect. I dont plan to change my PC in the near future so my thoughts are to put the most powerful CPU my socket LG775 can take.

Am I likely to see as much as 10fps in generaly increase with this more powerful CPU?

Q8300, Nvidia GTS250 1GB, 4GB DDR3, 2 x HDD 500GB (1 HDD solely for FSX)

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  1. Here is a link with charts of the two CPU's:,2428.html?prod[4417]=on&prod[4413]=on
    If it worth it? It is for you decide. The q9650 is a better CPU, but i don't think it will blow your mind.
  2. You could probably OC your 8300 to 3GHz pretty easy. Won't be much difference at all then. Without knowing your resolution and frame rates already we have no idea if you'll get another 10FPS. And keep in mind that because FSX stresses the GPU and CPU, your gains in that game will be higher then a FPS or RTS type game.
  3. As the two processors are nearly identical architecturally, and in nm process, you can overclock your current to at least 3.5ghz without much fuss, and keeping fair temperatures. Unless the Q9650 is free or less, or you aren't going to overclock at all, and can't work with your current processor anymore...
  4. it would not make ne difference.
    if u plan 2 upgrade ur gpu den u may think abt cpu, until den ur cpu is fyn
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