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So I have a 30" monitor and a 2-way GTX 470 SLI set up. Into which hook up do I attach the cord from the monitor? There are two connections on the back of each card.

I've been having a flickering problem at higher resolutions ever since I bought this new computer. The monitor will flicker like crazy at 2560x1600, and I'm not sure if it's the cards or the monitor.

I've reinstalled the video drivers and checked all of the cable connections. Ideas?
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  1. Usually, you hook up from the 1st card, either DVI/VGA or HDMI outputs...
    Also make sure you installed the latest version of driver, you can download it from Nvidia site...
  2. I have a familiar problem. 24" 3D monitor from Acer and 2-way GTX 470 SLI. Also expected flickering, but only at fullscreen when my cards used the sli function ( by physx games runs great ). My 2 cards are from different manufacturer, i know this could be not the reason, but they have different BIOS versions too. The Asus has the newer and the Zotac the older 70.00.1a.00.03 version. Could this be the problem?
  3. I could easily be wrong, but for a 30" monitor I thought you needed to hook up both DVI cables for high resolutions. Still use just the primary card for the monitor hook up, but for high resolution, use two cables going into the one monitor. That's why it has two DVI outputs. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. More info from another forum thread:

    "Does your laptop support Dual-Link DVI?
    That's a requirement to reach the resolution of the 30" Apple display. If your PC laptop doesn't have onboard dual-link DVI, the monitor can't be expected to work. If you plugged it into a VGA port on your laptop because your laptop doesn't have DVI, it won't work. Your VGA-DVI adapter might be single-link. I don't think VGA, an analog standard, has the capability to drive it."

    "Can I use a DVI-D to HDMI cable? Will that work?
    No. The 30" needs dual-link DVI. HDMI only carries single-link DVI signals."
  5. @smooo123, start your own thread.
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