Ddr3 vs ddr2

i want purchase new asus desktop system. can you help me?
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  1. Are u referring to propriety/brand named PCs or DIY? Also
  2. What you should do is look into building your own system, dont get me wrong i like asus but for the money you can over do most OEM's with custom computers. I'm talking more bang for the buck.

    You also posted Double Data Rate 2 v.s 3. Well just think it went from Single Data RAM (SDRAM), to Double Data Rate (DDR), to Double Data Rate x 2 (DDR2), to Double Data Rate x 3 (DDR3), its just faster, cooler and I mean literally, and larger GB packages.
  3. DDR3 is the standard from the way I see it and even if it isn't it will be

    Don't get DDR2, it'd be foolish to say the least
  4. Well ddr2 has tighter latency than ddr3 but ddr3 has a higher bandwidth.But i would go ddr3
  5. well ddr3 is new gen. however its not faster than a ddr2 and especially in games.They 'll come with better in the feature.i went for ddr2
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