Best Budget Gaming Case?

I'm building a gaming rig soon and i dont know which case to buy, which case do you guys think is the best out of these? (With price and airflow/cooling being of higher priority than noise level) Dust filters would be great too.

£45-£55 range:

Coolermaster Elite 430
Coolermaster Centurion 5
Coolermaster Gladiator 600
Antec 200
Antec 300
Xigmatek Midgard
Raidmax Atlas
NZXT Alpha

Or stretch the budget for:

£60-£90 range:

Coolermaster 690II
Coolermaster HAF 912
Coolermaster HAF 922
Antec 900
Fractal Design Define R3

At the moment i'm thinking about either the Gladiator 600 with all the fans it can fit and a cheap cpu cooler or since the Sandy bridge CPU models seem to cope well on stock cooling, i could ditch the extra case fans and cpu cooler for an Antec 900 or something. Opinions?

Apologies if i listed too many but i figure you guys are nerds like me and like talking about this stuff :)
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  1. Oh dear, wherever i said Antec 900 i meant 902.
  2. Liam Li PC-K62... I'm sure it will fall in your 60-90 range but an excellent well-crafted case...

    Antec DF30 and Thermaltake Armor A90 are also good cases to consider...
  3. You can always pick up some filters off egay, couple of quid each
  4. thanks for the replies guys :) i think im going to ditch the extra fans i was going to buy and go for the Antec 902, reviews say the cooling is excellent. Also looks nice imo
  5. For my build I used the Zalman Z11 plus it has 2 fans on both sides, 1 in the front, 1 in th back, and pretty cooling and cheap 49.99 on microcenter :)
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