Gaming computer, SSD? HDD?

Im deciding on how to proceed with building my 1st gaming PC. I dont plan on storing alot of music/pics/movies, just mainly playing games. So do I need both an SSD and an HDD or can I just get a larger SSD (ie. 250gb) and use my existing 1TB external HD for whenever I do download the occasional movie? Thank you
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  1. You can setup how ever you want.

    SSD's are nice and fast so as long as you can get by with your files/programs on the SSD, go for it.

    As with any drive, keeping a backup of personal files is ALWAYS a good idea. SSD's and HDD's can fail.

    I personally have a 256 gigabyte SSD for Windows another for some extra programs/games a small 64gigabyte SSD for Win8 and 2 TB drive for files/documents/desktop/ect. I have another identical 2TB drive in an enclosure for backups(on for backup, then off to keep it as an offline backup so to speak.).
  2. That is what I would do. You may only need 128GB SSD if you are only using it for games and the OS. If you intend to use software on it too though, I would go with a 256GB. You will love the speed at which games load on an SSD!
  3. Sounds good, thanks for the quick replies. Plus if I decide to use the computer alot more the planned im sure i can add a HDD down the road. Thanks!
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