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Hello, I am looking for advice and or suggestions on wether or not to upgrade. I use my PC mostly for WoW and converting movies from .avi to dvd format. It currently takes about 35 minutes to convert a movie and I cannot do anything else on the pc while conversion is going on. Here is my current set up.

E7200 C2D...OC'D to 3.5 GHZ
4GB G-Skill ddr 2..OC'D (can't remember to what)
HD 4890

I want to know if upgrading to a Q9550 would allow me to convert movies more quickly and play games at the same time, I could do this upgrade for around $230. I was also thinking about putting together an i5 760 pc that would cost a couple hundred more. Would either of these options allow me to do both without a slow down in gaming performance? Thanks in advance!
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  1. imho, video conversion is power hungry and isn't something I'd expect to perfrom simultaneously with other processes.
    WoW isn't the most power hungry game so maybe the money would be better off spent on a medium spec PC or laptop that you can dedicate to playing it on?

    Video rendering is CPU intensive so an upgrade there would definately show benefit but enough to allow playing games at the same time ... I'm not so sure.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do :)
  2. HD6xx is right on the door and soon, AMDs Bulldozer and Intels Sandy bridge are comming.
    I say..hold on with your rig about untill next summer.

    But if you really wanna upgrade your rig :

    1. Option get an X4 965(OC it) and an AM2+ mobo with DDR2 compatibility. The rest you can still use.

    2. Q9550 as you say and OC it. Converting movies? it depends also on the software. If it support multithreading, then yes there will be a good boost for the converting thing. no further hardware change beside the proc.

    3. Get an i5 750 (yes, not the 760) then OC it, a 1156 mobo, and 4GB DDR3 RAM kit. I prefer the first AMD option better than this one.
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