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Hey guys,

Now i set up a second hard drive in my computer. One had to be erased and the other my wife thought would be nice to give me, dont ask why. Now i am trying to view them both via My computer, but it only shows one. Now when i go into Device manager it shows them both. When i went into disk management it show my main as disk 0 and the other as disk 1. It says both are online but i cant view the second one. When i restart the computer i can choose to boot off the second one, but it just boots from the first disk. Any help or anything im missing here would be awesome.

Thanks .
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  1. You'll want to go into Disk Management from the computer management utility. From there you can format and initialize the drive. The easiest way to get to there is to rt click My Computer and then select Manage.
  2. ok , i went in and it doesnt even give me the option to format either drive. It says its operating correctly, and its all open space, but i just cant figure out how to get it to show up lol. I read something about maybe my MOBO has a RAID set up embedded, but i havent seen anything to shut it off, if it does exist.
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    In disc management does it say unallocated? If so it needs to be initialized. Right click on the volume and initilialize and assign a drive letter.
  4. I just had this exact same 'issue'. Mine was easy to fix and a result of a 1 TB HDD that was not formatted.

    I'm at work and can't look at exactly how i fixed it. I'm very hesitant to walk you through the 'fix' 'cause I can't be sure exactly how I formatted it. Take the next couple lines with a BIG grain of salt, but here's what I think i did. Note ** I'm VERY CAREFUL ** when formatting a disc. Read - I check and double check the letter of the drive. Wrong drive - bye bye pics, music, programs ... gone.


    I did 2 things:

    1. In BIOS I enabled / selected the SATA port the HDD was connected to. (It was disabled)

    2. Once in windows. I clicked the start button (bottom left) and typed in "format". All 3 (1 sdd, 2 hdd's) showed up. My only 1 TB samsung showed up but was not 'avail'. I selected 'quick format' for that drive and the pain was gone. Works just fine.

    This was a little more painful then i remembered, but since I went thru the above it's been just fine.

    Good Luck !!
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  6. Jeez, OK, all the help was ..helpful. All i had to do was assign and blah. Ive never done that before so i didnt wanna mess anything up. Thanks guys, i really appreciate it.
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