Best Video Card for $200-$300 range.

Hello all, I am going to be playing FFXIV at the end of September, and am wondering what the best graphics card is in the $200-$300 range. I've been looking at reviews and it seems every one (including toms hardware benchmarks and passmark scores, etc) are different.

I am seeking a top performance card, but price, heat, and power consumption do matter to me as well.

Some cards I have looked into are the GTX 460 1gb, GTX 470, and the Radeon HD 5850.

My thoughts on the cards are that generally it goes HD 5850 > GTX 470 > GTX 460 1GB.

The 470 atm has a very good deal on newegg. This card is $249.99 after MIR.

The main thing I worry about with the 470 is people saying it creates a large amount of heat (in excess of 90 C)

The 5850s are a little bit more expensive, $269.

I hear these cards run quiet, run cool, and don't suck a lot of power, all while providing better performance than the GTX 470. I don't mind the extra 20 bucks in that case.

Then the GTX 460, this card gets great reviews, runs cool and quiet, and has a slightly smaller price tag $229. This card also obviously won't perform quite as well as the 470 or the 5850, but seems to be a great price vs performance card.

Basically what I want to know is what you guys feel would be the best card for me to go for, considering they are all very close in price. Thanks in advance. Keep in mind, my main goal is to run FFXIV at decent settings.
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  1. if u give us your other pc specs and what size monitor and resolution you play with it would help alot
  2. No problem. I have a 24" Acer 50,000:1 ratio Monitor that I would like to play at it's native 1900x1200 resolution.

    The rest of my PC specs are:

    Board: DFI Lanparty 790FXB
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64x2 6400+ Black Edition OCd to 3.6ghz
    RAM: 8GB Gskill DDR2 800 PC 6400
    Current GPUs: 2x Radeon HD 3870 512mb Crossfired
  3. Since you already have a crossfire compatible mobo, its only logical to go with the HD 5850 which you can crossfire at a later stage.. Or straight away get a couple of HD 5770's which together will perform better compared to a single HD 5850.. Meanwhile, what do you plan to do with your current crossfired setup.? If you can sell it for some decent rate then may be you can get a single HD 5870 which will be even better..
  4. Probably Ebay the current setup that I have, not sure how much they would even go for anymore though lol. I'm not too worried about Crossfire / SLI, because by the time I want another card, I am going to do a complete re-build. The board I have now is dated in its am2+ socket and ddr2 memory, I want to go higher but not until next year after I graduate college.

    I can run FFXIV beta on lowest settings atm, but hoping to be able to at least make it look decent with a slightly better GPU.
  5. Whats your current GPU? The 5850 and 470 could max FFXIV out..
  6. I'd be inclined to say the 470 is better then the 5850, regardless as Emperus said your motherboard is CF compatible so the logical choice is the 5850. The next card under that would be the 5830 which isn't good enough for FF14, in my opinion.

    Don't get a 5870, its a waste of money, and the 5850 can overclock to a 5870 anyway.

    If you have a good enough PSU, and don't care about power compsumption, and don't care about CF I'd get the 260 dollar GTX 470.

    What resolution do you use? What PSU do you have? These are big factors.

    plznote said:
    Whats your current GPU? The 5850 and 470 could max FFXIV out..

    He just said he has 3870's CFed.

    Here is the Heirarchy chart for the OP.
  7. feridlyin said:
    I hear these cards run quiet, run cool, and don't suck a lot of power, all while providing better performance than the GTX 470. I don't mind the extra 20 bucks in that case.

    This is not true. The GTX 470 is notably better than the HD5850. The other parts are right though.
  8. Your CPU might be a bottleneck.

    I suggest a $230 GTX460 1GB, and then sell your CPU to also upgrade your CPU.
  9. The games they use to benchmark could be better chosen but I do believe the charts at techpowerup are a pretty decent guide;
  10. 460 is easily best bang for the buck card right now (1GB model), but, if you have the extra cash, the 5850 does run fairly cool and quiet, but its not as powerful as the 470. If you don't mind a card that runs a little hotter and you have good airflow in your case, the 470 has a lot of muscle for the prices they're going for now.
  11. If you could make up for the differences on ebay, you could get the 460 and a Phenom II x4 in the $100-$150 range, but if you are going for a new system eventually, you might just go for the high video card right now. If you can stand the heat (and I would say that with a decent cooling set up it isn't so bad) then get the 470 while it's cheap (they have been in good price ranges a lot for the past month or so.), otherwise get the 5850.
  12. ur cpu could be the bottleneck if you plan to use hd 5850 or gtx 470... so perhaps
    you should take gtx 460... maybe it can't handle 1200 resolution... but 1080 or 1050 should be okay....
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