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Thermaltake Litepower 700w Crossfire 5770s?


A friend of mine bought the following PSU for his system and is thinking of adding a second 5770 for crossfire - i'm however very concerned about whether it will be able to cope and run safely.

His specs are;

x6 1090T w/ Thermaltake Frio
8gb Elixir 1333 (2x4gb)
Powercolor 5770
Thermaltake v5 LAN w/ additional 120mm fans
Single HDD / DVDRW

From what I can see his PSU is actually max continuous output 600w and does not appear to be 80+ certified and has two 12v rails (30A and 22a). (which makes me nervous in many ways, <3 my HX-850)

It does however have the required PCI-E pins and claims to have Over-Current/Over-Voltage protection.

The plan is to take his 1090T to a decent overclock (obviously with as near to stock voltage as possible to keep power consumption down) and add a cheap secondhand 5770 for crossfire (these won't be overclocked).

Would love to hear whether anyone thinks this PSU would be OK for this??

(PS - i'm aware a 6850/GTX460 would be the safer alternative for slightly reduced performance, but that'd cost $120 (incl. sale of his current 5770) vs 80$ to add a second 5770) *Australian Prices*
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    600watts is plenty for 2 x HD5770 in CF. Total system power under load is 390 watts so plenty of overclock headroom as well.
  2. On paper it should work, a 600w+ is recommended as long as it is a quality unit.

    If you switched to GTX460's you would then need 4xpci-e cables, 2 for each card.

    Unless the psu is poor quality it should work ok.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies - I'd be very comfortable running his system with a good 600w (corsair/seasonic etc), however this specific budget unit?

    Also - the Phenom II X6 chips chugg down a fair bit of power especially when overclocked.

    You're still fairly confident?

    (PS the switch would be just to a single GTX460/6850, which isn't that attractive as more expensive and less performance, just less power req.)
  4. It would never have been my choice of PSU but it is rated at 600watt constant load and the +12 volt rails are good so I am confident it will run it.
  5. Agree - if I was involved in picking the parts he would have a TX-650 or similar but it seems this may just scrape through for his needs.

    Thank you both for your help.
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  7. As would I but bought/built without my input months ago :)
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