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Upgrading from 5770. 300-400 dollar price range...

I purchased my 5770 in April of this year, but recently bought a larger monitor with a higher resolution and thus need a new card to support the higher resolution I am using.

I am looking at one of three options though:
A) Radeon 5850
B) Single (mobo doesn't support SLI) GTX 460 (1gb model)
C) Wait till the 6xxx lineup is released.

Waiting is not an issue as the 5770 is able to play all my games on at least minimum or medium settings.
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  1. Wait 2-3 months when the new ATI 6000 series cards should be released, including the upgraded 6770. :)
  2. gettin another 5770 will get u a lot of power. what mobo do u have? it might be cheaper to get new mobo + 5770 than to go for a new single card.
  3. I would get a GTX 470 or wait for the new cards. If you want to upgrade now this card comes with 3 free(and actually good) games and is a nice deal;
    If you don't care about the games then this is a better deal for $270;
  4. Basically what Jyjjy said. If you can sell your 5770 for a decent price I would probably do that.

    You say your motherboard isn't SLI compatible, but are you sure its not CF compatible?
  5. It supports Crossfire, but I only have a 650 watt PSU, I could crossfire a 5770, but my motherboard isn't really designed for two cards

    GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD3 LGA 1156 Intel P55 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard here it is by the way
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    C) is the best option, as soon as the official announcments come out of ATi about the 6xxx series I expect the prices of the 5xxx series to drop, Also you will be able to see the performance and pricing points of the new cards(performance is expected to be 25%~30% better according to unofficial charts) and price is unknown. It will also of course have newer features and possibly better Xfire scaling so you may want to pick a 6750 or 6770.

    So yeah... C's the best option seeing as septembers only a few days away and I expect the cards to be announced in the 1'st half of it seeing as there meant to be shipping in Oct/Nov.
  7. get another 5770 to run in crossfire
  8. Even though I could afford another 5770, it'd only run at x4...
  9. 4x on a pcie v2 will give enough bandwidth for a 2nd 5770. Speed maybe reduced by 2-5%, not much.
  10. iam2thecrowe said:
    get another 5770 to run in crossfire

    4x on a pcie v2 will give enough bandwidth for a 2nd 5770. Speed maybe reduced by 2-5%, not much.

    Instead of going this route I'd get a 5850 for $270 like this one - and then turn around and sell the 5770 for $100-$120 before the prices drop so the actual cost is only about the same as the cost of getting a second 5770 (mainly since his MOBO only runs the 2nd PCI-e slot at X4 which will effect the performance somewhat)

    Or wait and see what comes out the next few months but remember most of the savings in waiting for the 5xxx series prices to drop will also be lost on reselling that 5770 ! (since it's value will also be affected)
  11. look you will barely lose any FPS by running at pcie 4x.,2517-3.html
    This test was using 3x 5870 cards, each twice as powerful as 2 x 5770's so you will be fine.
  12. Two 5770's have a similar performance as a 5870.
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