Problem with horror sound! Failing PSU?

Just bought myself a new computerset:
CASE: Zalman GS1000Plus (monstrous fullsize)
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
MEM: 4GB 1333Mhz
GPU: GTX 470
HDD: WD 2.0 TB
PSU: Nexus NX-6000 R3 630W

The weening sound started when I put in the Nexus PSU. When I open any game a disturbing humm starts. Its impossible to enjoy any music. The noise is that bad. If I only use iTunes and nothing more its ok, but who stares at a screen when they listen to music? What PSU would You guys recommend? The Nvidia GTX 470 is demanding: min 38A! My Case is also demanding: the only way my innercables from PSU to res could fit was to put the PSU upsidedown (sucking air from beneath the case, not transporting air from the inside out).
Modular cables would be preferable. Please give me some advise what PSU to buy. Im willing to pay up to 250€ for a suitable piece. Any suggestions?
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  1. P.S. Most of good once Ive seen (type Antec 650signature) dont have the demanding 38A per 12V channel. They usually have only 20 -25A per 12V cable.
  2. For a future SLI:

    XFX Black Edition XPS-850W-BES 850W
    CORSAIR Professional Series AX850 850W

    Last three are modular.
  3. multiple 12v channels can share resources. 2 20a 12v channels can handle up to 40a. 3 such 20a channels handles 60a, and so on.
  4. I have seen very good reviews of the corsair, but also from YouTube some weening examples, so I'm a little bit worried about Corsair. On the other hand there are really a lot of people using Corsair... must reconsider.. Thanks for fast reply.
  5. XFX is made by Seasonic and is also very good.
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