One printer in the office, and two networks


I just need some advice on how to provide printing access to a second LAN.

I have two separated networks in our office, each one with its own internet connection:
The problem is that we have only one printer, and it's attached to the LAN1. Now, the people from the LAN2 need to start using the printer too.

How do I have to do it?

LAN1 is attached to a 24port Cisco 3560G switch and this is also uplinked to a DLINK unmanaged 24 port switch. LAN2 is attached to a Cisco 2960G. We have 2 different ISPs, one for each LAN.

I'm new to Cisco and I don't know if connecting the two switches would be a good solution, but I believe it will be too difficult to configure.

Any help would be great.

Thanks a lot
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  1. You need to connect the two switches with a network cable. Configure the ports as trunks allowing the vlans, if used.
    You then need to input a static route on each switch that points to the other lan.

    On the 2960G:

    ip route 192.168.1.x

    x is the ip of the 3560G switch

    On the 3560G:

    ip route 192.168.2.x

    x is the ip of of the 2960G switch.
  2. Thanks strum,

    The LAN in every switch has a different ISP provider, and I don't want the computers in LAN1 to access the computers in LAN2 and viceversa. The only thing I need is to print to the which is the printer IP address from LAN2, which is in the LAN.

    Can I do it without a router?

    Thanks again
  3. I forgot to add this:

    I've been doing the following (before to see your message). I took a router and configured it in bridge mode, then I connected it to the two switches. I went to one of the computers that are in the LAN without printer and manually configured the IP address like this, example: IP subnet gateway to internet

    In the printer I changed the netmask to

    If I use the netmask, then I can print from both LANs, but I can't see the other computers in the LAN2.

    If I use netmask, I can see the other computers as always but I can't print.

    LAN2 has a DHCP server (I changed the computer IP manually).

    Am I close to the solution?

  4. You could use an ACL on the switches to limit what traffic goes across.
    Set any traffic to the printer ip as allow and then deny all other traffic.

    google for the correct commands for this.

    The subnet works as you posted above due to the printer being on a different subnet from the rest of the computers If that works then go for it. The switch is what allows the traffic across the different subnets.
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