Gtx260 problem

hey guys, im having a very strange problem w/ my gpu. sometimes it boots up and my resolution is reset and in device manager its labeled as a standard vga adapter. then other times after i tinker w/ it, it will boot up just fine and run that way untill i shut down, not necessarily the next time i shut down. i did some reading and trial n error and i thought i found out that the problem was a compatibility issue w/ my gpu and my creative x-fi sound card. i took out my sound card and my gtx 260 worked perfectly all day. but today its starting over w/ the same thing and i donno what to think... faulty card? :(

windows 7 64
amd phenom x4 3.4
2g Gskill ddr3
asus M4A77TD
antec neopower 650w
>msi gtx 260<

my temps all appear to be fine and i dont see power being an issue, i have friends that run more powerful cards w/ much less power.

ive had this card for almost over a yr now and havent truly been able to use it. very frustrating.
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  1. I don't think its a problem with the X-Fi Sound Card, I've never had a problemw ith my X-Fi and my GTX260(s).

    Do you have the newest drivers? Did you uninstall all previous drivers before you installed the newest drivers?
  2. yes, however, when device manager has it listed as "standard vga adapter" no drivers will install, they unpack and begin installation then i get this error msg, "the NVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."
  3. and anyway, even when the correct driver is installed and its working properly, what it will do is boot up w/ no driver installed and install the generic windows driver automatically.
  4. I got something bit similar to that
    Updating my bios cleared my problem.
    Maybe it will clear yours too.
  5. i would try that except that its a brand new system and i dont rly see that being the problem. my friend has the exact same card, (evga instead of MSI) so we swapped them and his card ran fine in my comp and did the same thing in his. i dont quite have the experience to troubleshoot the problem as far as most of you probably would. the card didnt cost me anything so i think im just going to buy an ati this time around. HD 4850.

    thx for the concerned effort guys.
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