I need an upgrade for my geforce 9500gt

i need an upgrade for my 9500gt graphics card max i would like to spend is around 70 pounds i play world of warcraft so id like a graphics card which is better than the 9500gt and can play wow i heard ati are better bang for the buck so il be looking for an ati. i have a amd sathlon dual core with 4gb ram and a 650w ezcool power unit the graphics card im currently using runs off the pci-e slot and i would like the same any suggestions welcome ps im using windows enterprise edition 64bit
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  1. What website do you use to buy cards?


    I'm not sure what £58.25 ex vat means, becuase I havn't done much with uk shopping (I need to learn though). But if that is in your budget its probably the best you can do for that price.
  2. i have to pay the VAT so, is this actually better than the 9500gt doesnt look it
  3. Thats a LOT better then the 9500GT.


    The card I link is ranked as the 45th best graphics card, while the 9500GT is ranked as the 87th.
  4. It is much better and also DX11 compatible.
    This card however is the best you are going to do for around 70 pounds;
    It's much. much better than even the HD5670 although it does use a lot of power, especially at idle.
  5. Yeah, what Jyjjy picked is even better then the 5670 (which is already a big upgrade from the 9500GT), I'm not good at UK shopping. =P

    Is overclockers.co.uk the best to use?
  6. They usually have some good prices.
  7. Exactly, thats why you should get that one. Its pretty damn good for the price.
  8. so this card would run wow and work on my pc with my 650w power supply i mean i have an old 8800gt and i tried installing that but it made a loud sound like a smoke alarm
  9. @OP: What PSU model? If it's a no-name brand or a cheap quality PSU, you may also need to upgrade the PSU to handle the new card (4850,etc).
  10. my psu is an ezcool 650w power supply link here http://www.amazon.co.uk/EZCOOL-650W-24Pin-Super-Silent/dp/B0010YLGZI
  11. That sir, is a cheap PSU.

    I wouldn't trust my hardware with it personally. This Corsair 400CX will power a 4850 just fine: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-CMPSU-400CXUK-400W-Power-Supply/dp/B003STDV0Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=computers&qid=1283042128&sr=8-1

    I think the 35-40 Euro spent on that PSU is a good investment. Here is a review: http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/psus/2009/04/27/corsair-cx-400w-psu-review/7
  12. well i dnt have money to throw at my pc ok
  13. SO BAsically i cant upgrade my graphics card cos il have to upgrade my psu aswell just to power the card
  14. well the HD5670 would work on it. the power supply apparently has 18a on the 12v rail which is very low for a 650w psu. the 5670 works off just the pci-e slot. the 9500gt has a max power draw of 50w, the HD5670 has a max power draw of 61w. its similar, if you want to take less of a risk you could try the HD5570 which has a max power draw of 42w and is ranked 66th on that list.
  15. Yeah, an HD5670 should be no problem and still would be a good upgrade. If you can spend more go for an HD5750 which is also very low power and should be fine even on the worst 650w PSU.
  16. i have bought a 9800gt off ebay for 53GBP and i want to get a PSU which can run it at fgood quality my budget for a psu is 70GBP max please help
  17. I think the 9800GT should be ok, especially if it is one of the low power models without a 6-pin power connector.
    Upgrading the power supply is a good idea in any case however. This one is very high quality and a good deal;
    I'm surprised it is that cheap actually. That is cheaper than you can get it for in the US.
  18. HOW DO i know if its a low powered model version :( and 550w is lower than what i have now i have a 650w from ezcool
  19. i need to buy one of these as my 9800gt doesnt come with it as its used and i sked on ebay http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812887001
  20. For the power supply a quality brand is much more important than what power rating ezcool decided to market your current unit as(they made up that 650w number basically.) Corsair is one of the best brands you can buy and that power supply is easily better than your current unit. People are properly telling you to avoid the HD4870 with your current power supply but you could run one on a 450w from Corsair. If you would prefer something cheaper this one can easily handle either version of the 9800GT;
    As for telling if the 9800GT is one of the low power version you do it exactly like I said; the low power version do not have a 6-pin power connector. The regular version does. It looks like this;
  21. dragonx_08 said:
    i need to buy one of these as my 9800gt doesnt come with it as its used and i sked on ebay http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812887001

    That means it is not the low power version. Like I said it may work on your current power supply but the PSU is basically the most crucial component of the computer and yours has a terrible reputation from everything I could find about it online. It is a good idea to replace it if you can afford it. Both of the Corsair units I have linked have 6-pin PCIe power connectors so you would not need to use the adapter. That your current unit doesn't have one already says a lot about how low quality it is.
  22. my psu does have 6pin connectors i justl ooked
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