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Best video card for this

Hi what would be the best video card for a core2 duo 2.4ghz with out bottlenecking? Thank you 800 watt psu currently using a 8800gts was thinking maybe a 250 but not sure
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  1. A GTS250 isn't a very big leap from a 8800GTS.
    I would have to look into what card would be best for that CPU, but I wouldn't upgrade from a 8800GTS to a GTS250.

    What resolution do you play at?
  2. 1080p most likely
  3. Then GTX460 or HD5850 are good upgrade from 8800GTS...
    You can OC your CPU a little bit to get a better performance.
  4. actually 8800gts is still very good for gaming depend on what type of game you played... if you can use lower resolution like 720p you don't really need that upgrade after all... but still if you want an upgrade without slicing your wallet into two pieces... for nvidia get the gtx 460.... as for ati anything below a single hd 5850
    you can write off as gtx 460 is faster than anything below that.....
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    I'd recommend a Nvidia GTX 460 which has good future possibility's(SLi, If your motherboard supports it) and is low priced. However if you only want or can only do a single card configuration it's a toss up between the GTX 460 and Radeon 5850, Keeping in mind you pay more for the ATi but also get better performance.

    What games do you play? or plan on playing?
  6. if i were you i would take the gtx 460... like decode said... you can SLI and be faster than gtx 480... also... paying more for hd 5850 is good... but hd 6000 series is just around the corner.... so just settle for gtx 460 is more than enough.... because dx 11 technology is yet to mature... even if you spend more money on hd 5850 you still can't play dx11 heavy titles like metro 2033 at max settings...
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