External hdd clicking

Hello guys !
My external hdd making click sound(just a click) for every time it in idle state . .
All data in the hdd still accessible and non of them data corrupt . .
Also after the click my hdd is like 'disconnect & reconnecting' back . .
Im using a usb powered port . .
My question is , does my hdd dying?If not , then how to fix it?
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  1. Any continuous clicking sounds from a hard drive is bad.
    1- I'd suggest to make a backup ASAP of all data on that drive.
    2- It might be like that by design. Will need to contact the manufacturer and find out if this is normal operation (I doubt it is normal, see step 1)
    3- Can't fix hard drives, backup and get a new one. Preferably one from Seagate or Western Digital
  2. Hmm . .
    I dont know about continuous clicking sounds , but as i already told the clicking occur only when the hdd in idle state or light use . .
    I can still playing games from the external hdd without problem and lag . .
    Its normal when in heavy operation(copying,installing etc.)
    Im using the hdd for almost 2 month with that condition btw . .
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