Hello,I have a OCZ Modxtream-pro 500W PSU, is PNY GTX 470 gonna work?

I posted this question on the wrong forum before. so I am posting it here again.

Hello,I have a OCZ Modxtream-pro 500W PSU, is PNY GTX 470 gonna work?

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The GTX470 requires a 550w psu with 38a on the 12v lines, according to EVGA.
Your psu is 500w, with 36w on the 12v lines.

It is close enough to give it a shot. Nothing really bad will happen if it is barely not enough. Look for display anomalies particularly under load while gaming.

I would be prepared to change the psu out if you get any indication of trouble.
My short list of quality replacements would come from PC P&C, XFX,Corsair, Seasonic, And Antec, to name a few.

What kind of anomalies will I get?
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  1. small dots or lines of white pixels are one possibility
  2. whats the peak output it always marked on the PSU and or box
    for example I have a 585 OCZ Modxtream-pro peak power is 685watts

    if your peak is 600 it may be enough depending on the rest of your setup and its power usage

    also if you start seeing what looks like patches of red plaid on the screen that would be another
  3. I don't see any peak power. only max combined power for 12+ = 432W
  4. the ocz 500w mod peaks at 570w total power and 480w on the 12v.
  5. It should be be fine.
    The manufacturers suggested requirements are for the most part entirely made up based upon a variety of factors the manufacturer cannot possibly know.
  6. They tend to overshoot power requirements in my experience, but that may not be the case if you are running a high enough OC or enough high speed drives.
  7. I guess I will be fine, I am only running 2 normal Hard drive and AMD phenom X2 550. Not OCing. Thanks guys
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