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I have ASRock M3A785GXH/128M motherboard. I got it from my friend. It is new motherboard 2 weeks old. Yesterday night I connected everything and checked the board, CPU, memory and power supply etc. It was working fine and I thought I can do put it in the case tomorrow morning and install OS. So I disconnected all the cables on a motherboard. Today morning I connected all back as same and pushed the power button, immidiatley I saw spark and smoke near 4 PIN CPU power connector, I disconnected power supply from Motherboard, after that there was some small black spot near 4 PIN connector and still it smells. I tried with different powersupply to connect again but CPU Fan moves for sec and stops.

Does anybody have any idea how I can give alternate power to CPU if my 4 PIN connector burnt or can't provide the power. I really don't want to throw this motherboard just for this reason. You can see the pics attached to get better idea about what happened.

Please help me.

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  1. Hi..

    I have the same problem.. My Power pins for the CPU Fan are sticked into Fan's supply plug..

    Now i couldn't ON my system, jst coz of dis.. My CPU is fine, Fan is fine. But couldn't ON it, coz of no power for CPU Fan..

    Is there any alternative pin for CPU fan on MoBo..?

    Please lemme know..
  2. No way to get around that problem. There is a short in the board, and has probably fried some very sensitive electronics.

    If the MB is only 2 weeks old, contact ASRock and get a warranty replacement.
  3. where do you plug the 4 pin cable because i cant find any place to plug it in
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