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Hi everyone, I need help on this.
My old computer is dead,i cant turn it on and so i decided to built a new computer.
Now,I want to take my old hard drive frm the old PC and put it in the new Pc ,and i heard its impossible to make the new computer boot the harddrive with the old OS.
So how can I remove Win 7 frm my old hard drive when both of my computers can't do it?Do i have to use the Windows 7 CD that i bought ?
Thank you for reading.
My windows is OEM.
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    You are correct - putting an existing Windows installation into different hardware (ie a different computer) won't work, Windows will just refuse to start. You have to re-install Windows on that hard drive after you've installed the drive into your new build.

    Boot from the Windows 7 DVD and it will show the existing partition that's got Windows already installed on it.

    Select that partition and "Delete" it. That will then show as "Unallocated Space".
    Select that "Unallocated Space" and install Windows on it.
    Windows Setup will automatically create a new partition there, it will then format that partition, then it will proceed to install Windows on it.
  2. Ouh..Thank you~
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