GTX280 related stability problems

I have a BFG GTX280 graphics card in my system Biostar A770E motherboard, Athlon X2 6000+ processor, 4 Gb PC6400 memory runing Windows XP SP3 with the latest (as of Early Aug 2010) Nvidia drivers.

The computer will work fine for several days then, when I go to start it (cold start), the computer will only make it to the intro screen. The next time it might make it to the startup screen. Then it might fail to POST correctly.

Open up the case, blow magic dust in (such as disconnecting power connectors on graphics card or other seeming unrelated inspection) and the computer will start up fine and run for hours without artifacting.

Last week, I even ran a stress test on the graphics card (OCCT) for over 24hr without any problem. GPU got no hotter than 85C with the fan on high. During norml game play (StarCraft or MoH) fan stays low and GPU temperature never gets above 55C

Some indication that the graphics card is to blame as when it fails to post, sometimes, it beeps 1 long beep and 8 short beeps which on AMI seems to point to the graphics card.

Running memtest on the computer tonight. On this motherboard, the 4 memory modules are really close together so it is hard to believe that there is enough air flow around them.

If BFG was still accepting warrenty returns, I would return the card but they are out of the graphics card business and are refusing returns.

Is there something else I should be looking at to try and improve reliability. Or do I have to live with it and hope it lives longer without outright dying?

Apprecaite any comments.
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  1. FOrgot to add that I have never OC'ed the card.
  2. Could be mem or HDD or PSU
  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Am running memtest tonight so that should give some conclusion. PSU is a new OCZ700 Watt unit. I have another one I can put in there if needed. How would a HDD problem cause these symptoms?
  4. If its going out, it could. Sometimes they linger before they go
  5. My system drive is an older IDE drive so it is possible. I will try putting in new sata. Unfortunately I don't have a spare on the shelf.
  6. I have started to narrow down the symptoms down associated with the problems I am having with my GTX280 graphics card.

    Once my computer is up and running, I don't seem to have any issues with stability.

    Right now, when I power cycle my computer or do a cold start, the system will sometimes fail to boot correctly. Sometimes I get a Bios beep code that indicates the computer couldn't locate the graphics card (1 long, 8 short). Other times, it will partially boot into windows at which point the computer will crash or artifact to the point where it is unusable.

    To get around the problem, all I ahve to do it seems is unplug the 8pin power connection on the graphics card and reconnect it and the computer will boot up correctly.

    Any thoughts? This is a brand new 600W OCZ power supply hat replaced an earlier 600W OCS power supply that I replaced trying to trouble shoot this problem.
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