Possible mobo issue

Ok here goes, left comp for about 30 minutes when i can back monitors, keyboard and mouse all inop, tried rebooting nothing, reset cmos nothing, replaced psu still nothing, everything else comes online i can hear the hd spooling up all fans working, mobo is flashing 23,45 (think flashes by too fast) and c0. tried monitors, keyboard and mouse on another comp works fine. this comp is 6 years. old recently i started getting apixled screen would have to shutdown and restart to get it going again(pixled the best i can describeunable to see anything). had spare video card still nothing.

So any help would be nice just want to know what happened?
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  1. Try a BIOS reset?
    Reseat PCI cards and RAM?
  2. thanks to you who replied and have already looked at the link above. looks like im going to surrender and just build a new one. thanks again
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