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I have crossfired hd5850's and want to run eyefinity, I have an asus 1920 by 1200 and an alienware 1920 by 1080, the asus is 26 inch and the alienware is a 22 inch, will these work for eyefinity? do I need a third monitor? and how are people getting resolutions of 5760 by 1080?
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    No, you can eyefinity two different sized monitors like that, and seeing as it will only be a 2x eyefinity you won't have to buy any display-port adapters etc.

    People are getting resolutions of 5760x1080 by putting three monitors in a row 3 across 1 up.

    I would recommend that your screens be generally the same size, but since you've already brought them I guess your stuck with them, You'll be fine none-the-less.
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