MSI NF980-G65 Power/Boot Issue


I need some help. Can you suggest any other troubleshooting steps i can take to solve this issue?
I have a MSI NF980-G65 with a Phenom 955 and Zalman 750w PSU.
After moving 1000 miles: The board will not boot or post.
I apologize in advance if i don't use correct terminology for the connectors and their functions.
Please ask questions for clarification.

Press the power switch, fans turn on, status LEDs flicker on then off, 2 seconds later power shuts off. Total cycle is 2-4 seconds. No image on screen. 5 seconds after it powers itself off, it powers on again and repeats the cycle. It will continue to reattempt a powerup until the power supply is turned off.

Troubleshooting steps i've taken:
1. Removed and tried a different power supply. Same result.
2. Reset BIOS via jumper. Same result.
3. Removed on-board battery. Same result.
4. Stripped misc fans, cards, and hard drives. Only the 24 main power, 8 pin cpu power remain connected. CPU fan, CPU and RAM remian on the board and attached monitor to onboard graphics. Same issue.
5. Reseated CPU. Same result.
6. Removed 8-pin CPU power connector. System remains powered, 3 status LEDs (one LED not illuminated indicating power phase control not working which makes sense). No post which i think makes sense since the CPU is essentially not powered.
7. Removed from case and reattempted a minimal configuration to be sure it wasn't shorting on the case. Same results as stated earlier.

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  1. Doing an RMA. But i had such bad luck with the RMA on my last board with MSI that im wondering if im just wasting the shipping.
  2. knght990 said:
    Doing an RMA. But i had such bad luck with the RMA on my last board with MSI that im wondering if im just wasting the shipping.

    Did this end up being a bad board?
  3. Having almost the exact same issue with a MSI board.
  4. I did get the RMA. I still had different problems with the refirb board that arrived.

    Since the only thing i hadn't tried was a different CPU i did that next.
    I used a new CPU my dad got to build a computer and it seemed to work fine.
    I cleaned the pins on my CPU with alcohol pads, i was pretty through since it didn't look like there was any issues with it.
    I reinstalled my CPU and everything seems to work fine.
    Not entirely sure what could have gotten on the pins that i couldn't see but that seems to have been the issue.
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