$500 on cpu, ram, mobo what to get? i7950 2500 or2600k?

I'm ready to upgrade as school is about to start again.
not sure what to get for mobo and cpu
the i7-950 the 2600 or 2500k? or an i5?
the budget is about 400-600
also id want either 4-6gb of ram
my uses would be for gaming(fallout 3,lotro), msoffice, internet surfing and whatnot.
id be transferring my two hdds from my old build a velociraptor wd hdd 300gb 10k rpm
a wd 4tb hdd 7200 rpm
an ati radeon 5750
id want a board so later down i can add a 2nd gpu for crossfire or sli?
also id like the mobo to have a decent built in sound card as well preferentially.
I plan on using windows 7 pro and my current proccessor is an amd phenom 9500 2.2ghz

i jsut cant decide what to go with the sandy bridge or the regular version of the i7 or i5? seems like there arent great mobos out quite yet for the sandy cpus
any help is greatly appreciated thanks so much.
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