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Hello, been trying to decide on a new build for ages. Come up with this almost final set up. Can anyone please advise me if this is ok. I want a pc that can game, do a small amount of video editing and be upgradable for a few years. Would appreciate any guidance.

I7 950
6 GB corsair tri 1600
Asus Rampage III gene
Prolimtech megahalems cooler
120mm akasa apache fan
Antec 900 two
Gigabyte gtx 460 1gb
2 tb WD caviar green
Corsair atx 650 watt PSU
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  1. The caviar green is amongst the slowest drives around. Go with the Caviar Blue or the Samsung Spinpoint F3/F4 or Hitachi.

    The rest of your build looks pretty cool. You also might wanna save a little bit by going with the ASUS Sabertooth.

    Also, drop the cooler if you don't intend to OC the 950 any time soon.
  2. Ok, cheers. I wasnt sure about cooler. So i only need that if im gonna overclock. And i thought mobo might have been a bit much. Does this build look like it will be good for sli 460s in future.
  3. Also can anyone tell me if this is a good time to build a pc considering bulldozer and
    sandy bridge are out soon. I know things change quickly in the pc world but i would wait if i thought it would make a huge difference.
  4. Firstly, to answer your question on SLI'ing the 460 - This build will be more than good enough.

    Secondly, once Sandy Bridge & Bulldozer comes out, the prices of the current gen stuff are likely to come down even if by a little bit. If you want the new gen stuff though, you'll prolly have to wait for a few months after the release for prices to come down a little bit.

    If you're not in an absolute hurry, might as well wait this period out & see how this plays out. In any case, a few more weeks ain't gonna be that much. However, if you do wanna build, go right ahead. This build will be good enough for years to come, looks like.
  5. Thank you, your comment screams common sense and yet my head still hurts. But your definitely right that even when new stuff comes out it probably would be advisable to wait up to a year for everything to settle down. Now im wondering if a modest build of a x4 955 with a 460 antec 300 might be better. Then I might be able to pass on to girlfriend and build new rig end of next year. What do you think. I mean even when new stuff comes out the price drop of these parts would probably only be about 100 pounds if that. And to wait two or three months is a bit hard at the minute. I have an old dell c521 slimeline, and am dying to have a go at pc gaming.
  6. The price diff between a Phenom II 955+gr8 Mobo & an i7 950+gr8 Mobo is 'bout 150 quids. So is it worth all the trouble? It' really upto you IMO.

    The 950 is gonna be more than good enough for years to come, so might as well get it at the next price revision or maybe even now. That way, when the new stuff comes out, depending on the reviews you could either get it (& pass on the i7 system to your girlfriend) or continue on with the 950 if the Sandy Bridge reviews aren't encouraging enough, or if it's priced way too high for your budget.

    That way, you'll prolly have the best of both worlds & not feel like you're stuck with the AMD system in case you choose not to get the Sandy because of either disparaging reviews or overpricing.
  7. Again very logical thinking, i appreciate. And do you think the i7 950 will be good enough for a small amount of video editing.
  8. Video editing needs cores & threads. The more the merrier. The quad core 950 (with hyper-threading) and the Phenom II X6 1090T will both be pretty good.
  9. Ok so both will be good. Basically i want a pc that will last two years and be upgradable for another two. As for gaming i just want it to be better than a xbox. Video editing, just small amounts of hd video. Am i asking to much or am i worrying about nothing ie will all these builds be capable.
  10. This i7 950 build will be more than capable for years to come with or without upgrades. Intel will get a new socket (usurping the LGA 1366) pretty soon, but that shouldn't stop anybody from getting what is by far the best high end processor in the market today.

    So yes, you are worrying a bit too much :p but then, it's natural. When you're putting down so much hard earned money, you absolutely should do your research beforehand.

    But the thing is, if gaming is your primary concern, you can also drop down to the i5 760 + P55 Mobo + 4 GB RAM, thereby getting a GTX 480 or a Radeon HD 5870, keeping the overall build price the same, depending on what games you wanna play and at what resolutions - Prolly the way to go if you're looking to play Crysis/Metro on high at 1920 X 1080
  11. Thank you, i think i will take my time and see what happens in the next few months.
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